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I started a new blog to share all my adventure domestic and abroad. I had another blog for China which you can find the link to on my new blog called The Alexis Adventures. Hope you enjoy!

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The end of the semester, 3 weeks with my mom, and coming home

After that Spring Break trip it was time to get to business! There was the giant book of articles to read and write about, there was the book to read, paper about the book to write, the presentation to go along with the paper and there was a paper on an American holiday! And that was just for my anthropology class! I had several other final projects to do and finals to study for! I didn’t sleep much!

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I did go out the first weekend after spring break but that ended up being a very traumatic weekend. You see I ate a big pasta dinner with my Madre and then pre-gamed with Jenna down by the pool.         IMG_1073We did our usual thing and went to Carpe and the other bars getting some free shots. Then we ordered the big drinks! Rum and coke all the way! Well I drank about half of that drink and I don’t remember a single thing happening after that. I can remember hearing Jenna order 3 cheeseburgers at McDonalds and I remember having to get out of our taxi to throw up and hear some guys ask if I was ok. The next thing I know I’m in bed sick as hell and I’m throwing up all day. It was Mother’s Day in Spain and I went over to my sisters house but I had to go back home because I couldn’t even look at food. I slept the afternoon away. I met up with Jenna later that night and as I was walking out the door to my building I saw myself in the mirror. I had the biggest bruise on my upper arm that was basically black! I have no idea how that happened! I talked to Jenna and she told me what happened the night before. Nothing unusual. I guess the bruise was from falling down but who the heck knows! At least I know nothing else happened and Jenna never left me that night. It was crazy and needless to say I didn’t really go out after that.

I did however go to the beach and on a hike in Calpe! The weather was getting beautiful and I needed to get out!

IMG_1135SOOOO why not go on a hiking trip for the day? Right… well about that hiking trip. This mountain over here to the right doesn’t look to bad right? The bottom half isn’t bad at all. It is the top half you need to be worried about. It’s not actually hiking anymore… it’s freakin rock climbing! Literally no joke. There’s ropes to hang onto and there’s birds who don’t like being disturbed. At the top of this mountain, somehow there are like 10 cats who pester you for food. How’d they even get up there? I mean I barely made it. We took pictures and headed back down. And after all that hiking and climbing we relaxed on the beach ahhh the beach! I love the beach!














So finals were done and my mom was leaving the US that day!!!!! I was so excited!i hadn’t seen or hugged my mom in 5 months! The next day in May 22nd I have everything ready for our trip and I go to pick her up at the airport! I waited, and waited and waited. Nothing. She never showed. I asked the Iberia counter because by now I’m super worried and I don’t know what to do. I was told she was on the next flight in that would be arriving in like an hour and half. I even bought mom a coke because I knew she’d want one. I started crying of course. So I went back to my Madre’s and ate yummy paella! My Madre gave me a big hug! 🙂 I went to Renfe train station to return a train ticket to Valencia because we weren’t going to make it :/ I was so sad and pissed at this point! The best of the trip for me was going to be going to Tenerife but it didn’t work out. I ended up getting back to the airport a little late and she had already come out. I saw her sitting on the floor so I went over to her and I saw she was crying. I realized she had no luggage. I guess it got lost in all the flight mix ups. 😦 so at least we were together now! AND she brought me an iPhone!!!! what a good mommy! We took a taxi back to my Madre’s house and the cab driver didn’t know where San Blas was- like really? Wth man! I had to tell my mom the bad news and she was even more upset because she was looking forward to Tenerife too! Well we got to my Madre’s and my mom and my Madre met for the first time 🙂 my Madre already knew we’d be staying till Friday and she totally didn’t care! My mom ate paella and my favorite melon. Being that she had no luggage we went to kiabi for some basic clothes till her suitcase arrived.


After that fiasco we slept in! We called about the luggage and made my Madre thanksgiving dinner! She actually loved the cranberry sauce! After that we chilled down by the pool with Jenna and got our tan on! God I love that pool and the Alicante sun! My mom also experienced some other Spanish foods like tortilla de patatas and Spanish “sausage”. I took my mom to the mercadillo, the beach- which it was a super hot day that day!- we went up the Castillo, the views were amazing! IMG_1163

And I could even see my house! How cool is that? AMAZING! We got mcflurries, took siestas and packed for Italy.

I literally gave away most of my clothes, shoes and stuff to my sister Lidia! It was sad but she was really excited haha

I got sick that night throwing up again and I got in bed with my mom. I took some meds and we got up early for the train to Valencia to take our flight to Rome ❤ we walked around Valencia for a while and then off to Rome we went! Once we landed we got our rental car after a LOT of walking! It seems like the longest drive from the fumiccini airport to sienna. Or hotel was the perfect picture of Tus

cany and what a hotel in Tuscany should look like. Tuscany is a beautiful array of rolling hills, gorgeous views, and windy roads. The people who owned it of course spoke no English but its ok I speak Spanish and its close to Italian! No worries. Italian food is just amazing. I mean from the pasta to the pizza to the desserts hmmmm you’d think you died and went to heaven. There wasn’t wifi at this place either… What were we thinking that a beautiful villa in the middle of Tuscany would have Internet. Lol yea right. W went to sienna and had the most amazing food… The cappuccinos and the pastries yumm buenisimo! IMG_0013IMG_1230 IMG_1252

We packed up and off to Venice we went! Italian drivers are crazy and my moms freaking out every 5 minutes haha so I drive a lot because I speed just like them going 140kilometers an hour… I got the need for speed! Anyway we parked at the airport and took the water boat to Venice and once we stepped off the boat on the island dog lido our hotel was right in front of us. Click. That was easy! Well good thing I’m a Venice expert!



We walked around and mom wasn’t the biggest fan on Venice because its super touristy and there’s really only the same tourist shops everywhere. We got into a fight because I was going through reverse culture shock of her being so American and she was cranky and tired. Shes telling me she doesn’t like venice and shes going home… wait hold up. she doesn’t like venice? who doesn’t like this unique and beautiful city? and wait shes going home? like to america? but why? This is Europe! why would you ever want to leave? then she tells me she hasn’t seen anything and this isn’t her dream trip. But we’ve seen so much already in Spain and Italy! The thing she’s really trying to say is we haven’t gone to bars or tasted amazing wine. We did however go into a shop with all these amazing Venice masks! Once you go in there there’s no way to be mad, you just look around in awe. So mom convinced me to buy one of the fabulous masks and I absolutely love it! I read all the hunger games books on this trip and omg I love them!

We packed again and off to my favorite country (sorry Spain) SLOVENIA! We stopped in Postjama to see stalagmite caves that are like 10 thousand years old! The caves were really extensive and we even took a train going about 2 kilometers. Some were white or red or both and some were like curtains, or spaghetti. IMG_1362The oldest ones were over 4 million years old.


We also saw this castle that built into the side of a mountain! Cooooool!

We got ice cream yumm! Did I mention I love this country yet? Our hotel had the most amazing views of the Slovenian mountains.


We went to lake Bohinj , which by the way is my favorite place on earth! Its so beautiful. a picture is worth a thousand words!



Then we went to lake bled which is almost as beautiful but not quite. We had the famous lake bled cake and cappuccinos in this fancy hotel.


It was perfect! From there we went to a waterfall nearby. It was also amazing! It was quite a hike up that mountain let me tell you! ( what is this, my fourth mountain I’ve climbed on trips?)

We explored Ljubljana and my mom fell in love with this country like I did!


We packed up again and we drove to Florence. This was the day from hell! No seriously, everything went wrong that could have. We got lost, couldn’t find our hotel and realized that mom booked a hotel in Rome for the same day. Well the only good thing that happened was we stopped at the piazza de Michelangelo which is by far my favorite place in Italy!

It’s just a must see! There’s music and the best views of Florence and there’s the sunset over Florence. It’s perfect!











So we couldn’t find the hotel and drove around in circles for hours. We said eff this and drove on the Rome thinking that would solve our problems. NOPE. We got lost again. I don’t know why there aren’t any street signs over there. W actually had to stop at this restaurant TWICE and a guy from the hotel had to come get us. He walked. He was going to drive our car but then saw it was an automatic- why yes we are American and we can’t drive stick- and he says “oh madam I can’t drive this” haha what?!?! Whatever so we drove over there with him in the car. Damn one way streets. It’s May 31st and its my best friend Jimmy’s 22nd birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIMMY! We explored Rome for a few days seeing the coliseum, the Vatican, the Trevino fountain, the pantheon war museum, and did some shopping! For our last day in Italy we went to Assisi! Our hotel looked over the countryside around Assisi. Just beautiful. We went to mass at the St. Francis Basilica and we even saw St. Francis’ tomb. We head to the airport and its back to Spain we go. Although before we leave I stop at the Ferrari store and buy Jimmy some Ferrari golf balls for his birthday! 🙂


On the flight back, the flight attendant is asking everyone about a señor or mister rosetto. Se looks at me and asks me…

Do I look like a man? NO I don’t thank you. Haha

We had 2 more days in Alicante. We visited CIEE and I showed my mom the university. I spent a lot of time with my Madre because in 2 days I knew I’d be leaving her for a long time. I was really sad about that. The day we had to take the train to Madrid, I cried… No I balled when I said goodbye. I love that lady like my own mother. She’s just the best. I even cried on the train because I really wasn’t prepared to leave Alicante, my study abroad life or my Madre and mi familia española.

We spent the night in Madrid and had some pizza and a stuff drink. The next day we were off to the good old USA.

I would say that studying abroad was the best experience of my life and I will never forget it. I love Spain, especially Alicante and I love my Madre and my family. Traveling around Europe for a year only confirmed what I want to do with my life. I want to travel the world and I want to not just travel but live and experience the different lifestyles and languages of the world. I would recommend studying abroad to anyone and everyone. No one ever regrets it. And that’s the end of my stories from studying abroad in Spain.


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Spring Break, The End

We arrived in Zürich around 2pm and walked around, got cafe, and saw some sights. Damn Switzerland is expensive. They use franks there and Kelly could only take out like 50 franks. So we went down to the lake and was like a promenade with trees covering walkways and flowers and music. We stopped to look at the lake and listen to a guy play the violin and he was really good too. So we were sitting there and this lady comes up to us and asks me if she can take my picture for a Swiss newspaper because shes writing about hair and braids coming back. Ummm OF COURSE! haha Sooo she takes some pictures from different angles as I’m sitting in front of this lake. It was SOOO COOL! She was pleased, took my information and said she would email me when the page comes out. Unfortunately, I never received anything 😦 But we ended up meeting some guy like always and asked them to take our picture. We ended up going shopping for chocolate with them. Kelly had to spend about 34$ on Swiss Chocolate to get rid of those darn franks. We got Lindt chocolate and some other amazing Swiss Chocolate.. it was sooo yummy! We saw the most amazing cars here in Zürich and even took some pictures next to them 🙂 We then had to rush back to the train station and one of the guys was nice enough to walk us there and I had to hurry and write out a postcard… every city ya know! We left and arrived in Freiburg once again after 8pm.

We got to Hagen’s and had home made pizza- so good- Than You Hagen! It was real food and he gave us sandwiches for Zürich earlier that day too. He is super nice and a really good host and I’m glad I met him. We slept for a little while and left on the 5am train that we almost missed because we were a little slow that morning. We had to run around to like 5 different entrances because they were all locked!! But we made it and said goodbye to Hagen, who gave us more sandwiches and granola bars.

We took the train all the way to Milan. We were gonna stay for a while but we were BEAT and it was raining so a little look and we continued on our train trip.

So we took this next train to Ventimigla and it was a really cute small Italian town. We walked down to the beach that was rocks but still pretty. It was so quaint and we loved it! We stopped to get a drink and gelato. WELL, we ordered this drink that the place recommends and had no idea what it was and it was NASTY! It smelled bad, it looked bad and it tasted ewww it was like licorish kinda not really I dont know how to explain it. NOTE TO SELF- order what you know! BUTTTT the gelato was AMAZING! BEST I’VE EVER HAD! We got chocolate and cream and we couldn’t get enough! Back on the train and off to Monaco we go!

Monte-Carlo, Monaco: We arrived and it was just gorgeous and the train we were on followed the coast so just amazing. Although it is very mountainous, either straight up or straight down. We made it down to the ocean finally and found a boat show haha boat? yea right more like private yachts or cruise ship show. They were HUGE and had jacuzzi’s  and pools and one even had a helicopter on it- no way right? no FOR REALZ! I know I know crazy! We walked around and went in a cool tunnel under the road that was ll mirrors and then along the water you could see the coastline around Monaco. We saw some sweet cars and it really is pretty there. We saw the sickest old Ford Mustang! We made our way back and found these stairs that looked like a shortcut. YEA RIGHT! We had buns of steal after that holy cow… the stairs were never ending and we couldnt get out only up! What is it with us and hiking mountains? I dont know but we were getting tired and we started     “ok.. almost there…. WTF does this end?… I think I see the top!…. This is never gonna end… I cant breath…  I have shin splints… there on the front and the side and the back and my butt…. I cant go on, you go on…  OMG… this is so sketch…. we’re gonna die on these stairs…  we’re almost there…  k-e-e-p  g-o-i-n-g…I see the top.. oh no ok my bad… keep going… WE DID IT BOOYA BABY!” Seriously this was about 40 mins of hiking these damn stairs it just went up and up and more up and steep. We finally found someone and I had to use the little French I know and found out we had to go down 😦 soo we decided to wait for the bus because that was wack and ridiculous. It took about 15 mins down hill before we got to the train station. The train was going to be 20 minutes so we grabbed a rum and coke and chugged it.. off to Nice.

We made it finally to Nice. Unfortunately, we got off at the wrong stop and found a tram and had to go hostel searching cuzz we didnt get one ahead of time. oopps. It was 8pm and we finally found a hostel THANK GOD and we shared it with this older lady from Japan who was traveling Europe for a few months by herself. wow. The room smelt like… idk … cant even describe that…. the closest thing would be puke that had been sitting around for days and someone had clogged the toilet ewww omg you should be glad you werent there. ANYWAY we opened the window real quick and went to find some food. That turned out to be hard but we finally found this Japanese place that was going to be closing soon. We had SUSHI and barbacue where you put the thinly sliced meat on a little grill thing- it was amazing and we ATE IT ALL! OMG #sogood #bestmealofthetrip We were so full and so satisfied that when we got back to that gosh darn awful room we passed out. We got up and had breakfast and went to explore. It’s really pretty on the French Riviera. We were down on the beach which was pretty rocky but had great views. We almost got RUN OVER by a construction truck… talk about rude-not cool bro not cool- it was some scary stuff!  We then had mini heart attacks as we realized that we didn’t check into our flight or print our tickets.  :O (thats the oh sh** face) It was going to cost so much money to print it out when we got to the airport or get another flight out that we decided to use our train pass and train it down to Barcelona after training it down from Freiburg. So we hoped on a train in the direction of Barcelona and decided to be spontaneous and given that this trip was all over the place with spontaneity and indecisiveness why not?!?! So we head to Montpellier and have no idea if we are going to stay or pass through. We met some very nice French people on the train and I used my limited French yet again! And I even understood quite a bit 🙂

We kept going all the down to Barcelona passing through all the little towns and beautiful countryside. We met a nice French guy living in Brazil who gave us some sandwiches and I wasnt feeling well by then it was delicious… the guy was a chef! We met another French guy who was about 25 and we talked for a while but turns out he was 35 WHAT?!? oppps… Anyway we also met an Italian who was going to a job in Barcelona and he too was a chef! he didnt really speak English and definitely not Spanish soooo he spoke Italian and we spoke Spanish and it worked pretty good!

By the time we arrived in Barcelona it has been like 20 hours on trains and all we want to do is sleep till forever. It was that sketchy hostel we stayed at last time and it was still sketchy but we got in and met a guy who does Spanish voice overs- NO WAY- and it was cool. Then we passed out. When we got up we decided we wanted to leave Barcelona and go home to Alicante cuz we were WORN THE EFFF OUT! Wellllllllll, that turned out to be a bust since we couldnt change our tickets or use our interrail passes 😦 AHHHH We saw some of Barcelona, did a little shopping, and that was the extent to the exploring. We were just worn out and we saw the least of Barcelona but were there for the most days! We did go to the mercado in Barcelona and had some awesome smoothies and saw meat and fish and eggs and veggies. I did get to see the BARCA stadium and even bought a jersey with Alexis on the back, since that is one of the players 🙂 I also got his purse that is really cool. We also went to see some Gaudi architecture SOO by now I look like a homeless bum no joke… I need a hot shower or 2 and sleep on a real bed and my hair… dont even assk. FINALLY, on our way home! It was amazing to be back and I was never so happy in my life, like for real. ALICANTE ❤ SPAIN ❤ HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS

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Spring Break

After sleeping through Zagreb, we stopped in Ljubljana. It was early morning and we woke up to sleepy towns along  the river as the sun was rising! We immediately fell in love with Slovenia. It was 8am when we arrived in the city and thankfully there was a McDonald’s at the train station. COFFEE!!! Today we got lockers, thank the lord, and walked around this new city. We saw the river, the castle, the windy cobblestone street and all the plazas. The people were so nice and a lot of them speak English which always helps. I would seriously consider living there… that’s how much I loved it! We had a traditional Slovenian breakfast in the market of sausage, a kind of cheese spread, a red pepper sauce and a sort of pita bread and it was delicious. The market was awesome with all kinds of fruits and vegetables…. we got the best mango I’ve ever had there yummm! And the guy gave us free strawberries and a few mandarin oranges. At the flee market down the street I bought a ceramic square that is purple and full of other colors and says “Live your dreams.”  It was only 5 Euros too!!! The castle had amazing views of the city and countryside. At the time we thought that Ljubljana was a small city even though it is the capitol. But the historic center is small and amazing but there is actually a big city around it. We got some sushi on one of the streets and awww yumm I love sushi! After this wonderful place we were supposed to go to Graz in Austria but instead we headed straight to Vienna.

The nice part about this train ride is it wasnt at night. It was during the afternoon. So there weren’t any passport checks YAY but there were a lot of ticket checks. So I took a siesta  and it was amazing. The trains are pretty comfy but you don’t sleep like you would in a bed. So its nighttime now and we have to find our hostel. We get to sleep in beds!!!! and SHOWER!!!!! 🙂 It was a very restful night. Took long hot showers. Got breakfast at this awesome little bakery where i had the best croissant filled with some kind of pudding and whipped cream and strawberries on top yummmmm ❤ We went downtown and Vienna has to be one of the bigger cities I’ve seen and I don’t just mean size wise…. everything is so tall and grand. Everything looks important and it was a little much after our little historic center in Slovenia. It was quite a cold day and windy. Our feet were seriously hurting at this point in the trip. We asked these guys to take a picture for us in front of something that was huge and looked important and they asked us if we knew what it was…Kelly was like yea, well no not really hahaha and they laughed and told us it was a museum and so were all these other huge buildings. Awkward! Well anyway we walked around some more and saw the palace and there was going to be a race the next day so there were army men everywhere. We came across a wine festival and decided to join. Well we met some guys and little did we know that we’d have friends for the rest of the day. They were super nice, kept our wine classes full… don’t know how much we drank….we also had some Austrian beer Gösser and it was so good and it was lemony. Beer like number 4! We sang and danced to Austrian music and it was so much fun. It was a great day! We left to get some food and then go to a Mozart concert with dancing that we bought tickets for. Kelly got sick though and we think it was from this thing she had eaten earlier cuz we aren’t sure what it was but it looked like spam with cheese in it. eww So we couldn’t go 😦  We got sushi again the next day at the market and it was seriously delicious.. We were on a sushi roll haha

We headed out of Vienna and went to the home of the Sound of Music-Salzburg. We randomly found a hostel and thankfully they had rooms so we could spend the night. Perfect! We went and got tickets for a Sound of Music tour. I mean after all it was filmed there! It was so much fun seeing all the sights from the movie and singing the songs. Although interestingly enough the filming took place all over Salzburg and the countryside. We went out to Mondsee and it was amazing. It was raining but it was cool. After that fun filled day we went back to the hostel and actually watched the Sound of Music. We made some friends and they turned out to be weird and drunk… One guy was Irish and told me I was the perfect woman and asked me to marry him and move to Ireland and he would take care of me… hmmm yeaaaaa but I did get a free beer out of it.

Next day we got up and made our way to Germany to see the castle that the Disney castle is based off of in Füssen, Germany. We first had to go to Munich and switch trains to go to Füssen. Neuschwanstein Day! We were the only ones basically on this train till the last stop at the castle. So we started doing the Soulja Boy dance in the train car… yea you wish you were there… so as we get closer to our destination, we see that there is an  increasing amount of snow. uhh ohh.  We arrive and its a full out snow storm. We got lockers for our stuff and started up the mountain to the castle. Well it was quite the experience. It was seriously a mountain and it was cold and wet and snowing. We reach the top and we cant see a thing except white. We were really sad. I bought a little book about the castle with pictures of it inside just so I could see what it really looks like. At the bottom of the mountain there’s a smaller castle/mansion that we could see and it was quite impressive. We weren’t really in good moods after that. So off to Freiburg. That’s where this nice German guy named Hagen lives. He went to Kelly’s school in the US the year before. So on the way we do hw, take siestas, I’m procrastinating about this Anthropology book I have to read and write about. We also had a nice photo shoot on the train.

We made it to Freiburg  and we had problems finding Hagen who is like 6’4 and blonde. But we found him and seriously he’s sogenau tall! We walk to his apartment where we will be staying and he gives us a tour of the city. It’s a very quaint and charming little city. We go to his school and go to the top of the Physics building where there is great views of the city and mountain side. We went to a bar with his roommate and friend and we had some beers…yupp more beers…. and played a German quiz show. First round went ok since there were 3 German people and 2 English speakers. Well second round, everyone left to either go to the bathroom or smoke so it was just me. I had no idea… German really isn’t my language of choice butttttt I did guess at a few and I got 2 right!!!! One unfortunately Hagen translated wrong 😦 But it wasn’t that bad actually, I understood some stuff. Genau! Maybe I’ll learn it someday. We went to sleep and it was a good nights sleep. For breakfast we had pretzel bread… if you’ve never had it OMG seriously best bread EVER! We put butter and jam on it ahh yumm! We showered and off to Zürich we went.

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Spring Break, The Beginning

So Spring Break started on Friday April 5th but Kelly and I started our adventure on Sunday April 8th. Even before we started our trip things were already messed up because somehow the tickets had gotten all messed up with our names and one had gotten rescheduled. I was supposed to leave Alicante at 10pm to go to Barcelona to meet up with Kelly. Well, things never go as planned and the Ryanair plane ended up being 2 hours late. I arrived in Barcelona around midnight and almost spend the night in the airport but I ended up sharing a cab with a nice Spanish woman I met on the plane. I get a hold of Kelly and find out where I’m going and when we get there the bad driver tells me to be careful because this neighborhood isn’t that safe at night….great. It took 5 minutes to find Kelly and we go get a mojito at this bar she was at and the bartender gives me a free shot after I tell them my story about the plane woohoo. We go to the hostel and get some sleep. The next morning I had to catch a plane to Prague without Kelly but she would get there 24hrs after me.

I get to Prague and go to our hostel which is really nice and get settled in. I’m just using the wifi in the lobby/hangout area when like 6 guys walk in and ask me the wifi password. It happened to be written on the wall in huge letters and they just happened to be HOT and AUSTRALIAN. We started talking and they told me they were going out that night and that I should go. I thought about it and I wasn’t sure about going out with strangers or having the chore of getting ready after a very tiring day and almost sleepless night. But then I had a change of heart and decided I didn’t have anything else to do and how bad could it be right? I went out with them and people from their group called Contiki tours. We went to a Czech restaurant and had some food. I got these potato pancakes to die for yumm! Then the Australians decided that we were all gonna try this Czech liquor that is like pure alcohol. I also met some girls from Canada and a girl from California. After dinner, which the Aussies paid for… thank you btw if you’re reading this, we went to a beer factory. Funny because I don’t drink beer. So me and this one guy got shots of Absinthe and a rum and coke. Before we left we all got on the dance floor and were dancing. Then we walked to a club that was pretty empty being monday night and all. I got a yager bomb and we all danced. It was super hot in there so a bunch of went outside to get some air. Well turns out not too long after we all left and caught cabs home which were mad expensive. I took a cab with a very nice and handsome Australian and we held hands and cuddled and were laughing as we walked the rest of the way back from the cab. I even got a kiss 😉  The next day I was supposed to meet up with him but I went on a free walking tour and he went into town to go shopping with his other buddies. But later that night I saw him again and Kelly got to meet him and his Aussie crew… her mouth dropped wide open…. this was after I had to go find her at the train station and let me tell you, that shits huge! After that we waked around, got hot wine and even went to the Absinthe factory and hot Absinthe ice cream yummm! To end a very nice trip in Prague we watched this extremely old astronomical clock go off! We went to the train station, found our train, and headed off to Budapest. It was interesting sleeping on a train and we even sang Backstreet boys at 3am haha gotta love it!

8 and half hours later we arrive in Budapest at around 8:30am. It was an interesting night because every 2 hours someone wants to check your ID or your passport or your ticket so not much sleep yet again(3rd night in a row) We went to McDonald’s and got some breakfast and used the free wifi. It was yummy! We left to start our sightseeing. WE LOVE BUDAPEST! It has so much history, architecture, rivers, mountains, and it just has a great feel. We walked around the river and the entire city before deciding to hike the mountain with a statue and a fort on top. We had our backpacks on. It was quite the hike and we were superr tired but at the top you can’t say anything but wooow in complete amazement at the beauty of the view. At the fortress there are tons of vendors. We found a place where you could shoot an arrow with a bow. So we did it and it was so much fun! We met some Swiss guys and had coffee with them and even learned some Swiss-German words. We took pictures and walked down the mountain with them and split up finally because they wanted to go to dinner and we had to go. We grabbed some quick dinner, walked around and off we went to get on a train to Belgrade. As we walk through the train station we see stairs going down and look to see what’s there… wouldn’t you know it was lockers…. WTF ughhh

The train left at about 10pm and again passport checks and ticket checks were killer. We were passed out in between the door being slammed open and shut. Our little room was a mess and I don’t know what happened but I like to think it was an act of God that woke us up because we woke up at the same time and there was a man in our room who was about to rob us and Kelly said perdona (excuse me in English) He dropped our purses and backed out slowly and closed the door and he was gone. We think he tripped on my shoes that were all over the room floor. It was scary and weird and we were confused. It was only 4am and we still had a few hours till Belgrade. We went back to sleep and when I woke up there were miles of what looked like boxes and there were people in them. It was a real eye opener to see such a sight. We met these older gentlemen who happened to be a Serbian band and they weren’t bad. Once off the train we realized that we were in the ghetto but we kept walking and finally came across the nice part. The city was full of life and greenery and there was a fortress with views of the river that split into two. We met some Serbian guys who were really nice. We talked all afternoon and learned about life in Serbia, money, jobs, the culture and even  a few words. Hyvala means thank you. They invited us for drinks and we accepted… Earlier we had gotten drinks at a pub and that was the 1st beer of the trip… but this was beer number 2 OMG! Go Me! They were so nice and it was a good old fashioned good time. Kelly went for a ride on the one guys motorcycle! We walked around some more and back to the train station we went. Zagreb, Ljubljana and Graz here we come!

Well we kinda slept through the 4am stop for Zagreb but I will tell you this Croatia is the hardest country to get and out off. For Realz. They came through and asked for our passports, looked at them for 20 mins and then asked for other form of ID… like really?!?…. FINALLY, they we like ok and they left. We didn’t have any problems that night because there were curtains on the door and we slept on our stuff!

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And the countdown begins…

How many days til I return from my European Adventure do you ask? Well this handy dandy link before is an online countdown!




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Dublin and my 21sttttttttttt

Sooo IM 21 NO WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! This will be the story of my 21st birthday that I spent in Spain and Ireland.

So my birthday started on the 24th with Kelly’s 21st Birthday. We went out to a Mexican Restaurant and got some Margaritas.  Afterwards we went out to the barrio and met some friends. I tried Absinthe for the first time and mannnnn was it strong ophhhh We danced all night long and had these huge cups of rum and coke  and we went to a club where we danced some more. Such a good night! Soo fast forward to my birthday. MY BFF Liasor got into Alicante the day before my birthday and I was super excited to see him! So on my birthday I skipped my literature class (oppps) and went to the beach for the morning with my best friend. Then we went up to the University because I had a mid-term that day (boooo) And afterwards we went to my house for lunch with my madre. After lunch we chilled out until we left for our flight to Dublin. We got into Dublin at the end of my birthday but it still counts. I mean who can say they’ve celebrated there birthday in 2 countries on the same day huh? yea no one but ME 😉 So we took a taxi to our bed and breakfast and when we got into our room there was a huge bouquet of balloons waiting for me on the bed. I was so surprised because I thought I wasn’t getting anything for my birthday and I was like yea I know I’m abroad but I still wanna open something. It was so perfect for the best mom in the world to send me balloons for my birthday in Dublin. The next day we woke up and there as a nice breakfast waiting downstairs and later we took a tour of the city and Dublin isn’t the prettiest place but it sure is a nice place andddd they speak ENGLISH!!! haha It’s not quit the same but hey none the less I understand it. That night we went on a bar crawl and met some very interesting people . We went to a few really cool bars, we tried Irish whiskey with Red lemonade (which apparently is really bad for you), and Irish cider . At one of the bars the group found out it was my birthday and so let the free drinks start coming. Starting with a yager bomb my very first one bought my a lesbian who got everyone else to buy me a drink. One guy was from Australia and he bought me a yager bomb and an Irish Cider. After all the bars we went to a club and I had this like 12 year old Irish boy try to dance with me and kiss me I was like uh huh kiddo you’re like 5 haha The next day Liasor and I went to a cafe and had the best breakfast I’ve had in Europe so far and then to the Dublin Zoo and to the the biggest park in Europe and biggest than Central Park in NYC. It was a super fun day seeing all the cute animals and Liasor even got to play some soccer with a few Irish guys. The next day we walked around some more and Liasor had to leave 😦 That was really sad. Jenna, Kelly and I went on another bar crawl and met some friends from our program in Alicante. It was fun. We went to some different bars. Jenna and I had these guys buy us some drink and I even got danced with haha We went to this club but it wasn’t that cool so we left and went back to the bed and breakfast. The next day we packed up and headed out to buy a few souvenirs (a few presents in there) and then catch our plane back to Alicante. On the plane back some dip shit decided to smoke in the bathroom and they were gonna stop the plane but we were above the Pyrenees mountains so we kept going to Alicante. They knew who did it and he had to confess or have the police called to arrest him. Haha all in all it was one of the best birthdays ever… I got to spend it with my best friend in Europe with my study abroad best friends Jenna and Kelly! What more could a girl ask for?

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Ibiza… Is this a tropical Island or a snow globe?

Erica and I got our backpacks from the bus and went to find a taxi. We get a taxi to the hotel which was out by the airport. It was the sketchiest shit everr because we ended up getting off the highway and driving around in the dark on back roads and over bridges. Erica asked if we were lost because we both were thinking we were about to get abducted. Soon after we arrived at the hotel and it was more than it should have been but we were happy to get the hell outta there! En nuestro hotel the screen said Bienvenido Senorita Pellerin… HOW COOL! After all those hostels this was like a 5 star hotel. Erica and I did about 300 crunches in the hotel room that night for fun. The next morning we didn’t have to wake up early so we got up and went to breakfast which was pretty good. And off to Ibiza we went. It wasn’t a long plane ride and as we were flying over the island I got to see how beautiful it is. We arrive and find the only hostel open on the island in this one town. We walked around and went down to the beach and talked while exploring that side of the island. It is so pretty.
We went back to the hostel and they gave us a free glass of Sangria. We also met the most interesting people. There were two Indian guys who were super nice but it was funny because they had a British accent from living there. We also met an American who was just traveling through Europe to party. Like I understand wanting to have a good time and stuff but coming to Europe just looking for the biggest parties is kind of stupid. There’s so much more here than parties and since he was like 28 there’s really no reason to come to Europe just to party. ANDDD on top of that he told us he used to be in the army and that he doesn’t work. He’s living off a pension and unemployment. Bitch please, you don’t come to Europe on the governments dime to party the shit out of yourself. Like what kind of a person are you? Anywayyy that night there was a Flower Power festival in the next town. We got a taxi out there and it was a lot bigger than I thought. There were carnival rides, lots of places to get food, vendors of clothes and jewelry.  We had been drinking Red Bull and then I got some Cotton Candy NO WAYYY #cantbelieveit There was also a concert of the “Smoking Stones” a cover band or tribute band to the Rolling Stones. It was a great night of dancing, drinking and eating kebab which is just amazing… like I didn’t realize how much I love kebab. I’m going to miss that when I go back to the states.

That night we stayed at the festival until 2 or 3 am having a blast. We took a taxi back and he talked to us the whole way back about Ibiza and the economy. And it was pretty dark out so you could see all the stars and the brightest of them all was Sirius and it was beautiful. The next day we made our way to the other side of the island and went to the beach. We passed a Mexican restaurant and couldn’t resist. We got some Margaritas and some chicken nachos that were amazing… Best mexican food so far! So now we are on the beach and it was like a tropical island. Just perfect. It almost felt like one of those snow globes where everything is perfect and we just had the perfect day. I went down to the water and it was freeeezing but I collect some shells for my collection… Connecticut, Florida, Morocco/Africa, Spain and Ibiza. After a few hours we walked around the promenade with it’s beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea. We chilled at the hostel that night being Sunday and all and the next day hopped on a plane back to Valencia. We were going to stay for the burning of the Fallas but we didn’t and back to Alicante we went. It was a perfect weekend away!

I found this cool website from some friends here in Spain that I study abroad with and it’s really funny because it’s so trueeee so enjoy!

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Valencia y Las Fallas

In Valencia on the 19th of March there is a huge festival. They build “Fallas” which are like caricatures of puede ser anything and are extremely big creations made of paper mache. They are all over the city and they are amazing to see. So with CIEE we went to Valencia for the day of March 16th and got to see all the “Fallas” and it was hectic. There were so many people and you just couldn’t walk. At 2pm there is a big show and everyone tries to cram into this one plaza. We made it pretty close. There were fireworks and lots of smoke. The fireworks were extremely loud, so loud that the ground was shaking and they were going off from the middle of the plaza. There was also a parade of women and children in traditional costumes. We walked around some more and ended up at my favorite place-STARBUCKS!!! Man I love coffee! and right next to starbucks is the cupcake shop we went to last time we were there. I had 2 mini cupcakes and then I bought some more banana milk! yumm seriously so good! SO they don’t burn the “Fallas” until midnight on the 19th of March… we didn’t get to see them but I did see them on the news the next day. So since we were in Valencia Erica and I decided to use that to get cheap flights to IBIZA!

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Granada-Where my best friend is!!!!

 Sooo this was sometime ago but I went to Granada with my program CIEE. I was super excited to see my best friend in the world Liasor Dima who is studying there! I was so excited that I barely slept the night before, but I slept the entire 5 hr bus ride. When we arrived I got to see Liasor aka BFF and he was walking to meet me at the hotel. I ran up to him and gave him a huge hug. I was so nice to see him because I came to Spain in August and school had ended at the beginning of May. So I had’t seen him much since last May. So for a year now I’ve barely seeen my best friend and it’s awful. After seeing him I realized why we are best friends and that I miss him. So after meeting up, he met my friends Jenna, Kelly, and Erica and we went to get some tapas for lunch. At 3:30 he went to see the Alhmabra with his group. The Alhambra is the most famous place in Granada and is one of many royal palaces in Spain but is really breath taking and unique. It has Muslim influence and an extensive garden on top of a hill. At 4pm we had a tour of the city and it’s famous historic parts. After we both were done with our tours we met up again. I took a taxi to where he was living and for the life of me I couldn’t remember the street name.. it was Mendez Nunez but I did have the Calle Rhonda down. So I arrived and met his roommate and saw where he lived and we went to dinner. It was a Friday in Lent so I couldn’t eat meat and in Spain that’s the worst thing eeverrr especially when you don’t really like fish. So I ordered what I thought would be a fish fry haha nopeeeee it was literally fried fish of all sorts from fish to squid to sardines to I’m not really sure what. Needless to say I didn’t really eat that and never actually ate dinner. We went to a bar for a little while to meet up with my friends and his friends and then to a club. This club was kinda far away from the city center so we had to taxi it up there. It was a really cool place though. It was across from the Alhambra and there were caves in the bottom and tunnels with colored lights and music of all types. One part had Spanish music and the other part had today biggest hits music. There was a huge patio outside that was really nice when it got too hot inside. It was a good time. The weirdest thing everr happened… there was a male stripper in the club and apparently it was a new thing for this club and it got a little crazy. Soooo we left. But it had amazing views of the Alhambra at night. The next day at breakfast I was starving and ate soo much.  We went off to the Alhambra for our tour and BFF got to sleep in. It was amazing and there is something called “El Mirador” that was like a lookout over the city and it was such a beautiful view butttt we had to walk down the big hill and it sucked. It was cobble stone streets but I got to meet up with BFF again and have lunch at BK. We walked around and he showed me a park and we bought matching Espana bracelets. And even though I got little sleep, it was a great 2 days and I am so happy I got to see my best friend and can’t wait for Senior year! 

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