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And the countdown begins…

How many days til I return from my European Adventure do you ask? Well this handy dandy link before is an online countdown!




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Dublin and my 21sttttttttttt

Sooo IM 21 NO WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! This will be the story of my 21st birthday that I spent in Spain and Ireland.

So my birthday started on the 24th with Kelly’s 21st Birthday. We went out to a Mexican Restaurant and got some Margaritas.  Afterwards we went out to the barrio and met some friends. I tried Absinthe for the first time and mannnnn was it strong ophhhh We danced all night long and had these huge cups of rum and coke  and we went to a club where we danced some more. Such a good night! Soo fast forward to my birthday. MY BFF Liasor got into Alicante the day before my birthday and I was super excited to see him! So on my birthday I skipped my literature class (oppps) and went to the beach for the morning with my best friend. Then we went up to the University because I had a mid-term that day (boooo) And afterwards we went to my house for lunch with my madre. After lunch we chilled out until we left for our flight to Dublin. We got into Dublin at the end of my birthday but it still counts. I mean who can say they’ve celebrated there birthday in 2 countries on the same day huh? yea no one but ME 😉 So we took a taxi to our bed and breakfast and when we got into our room there was a huge bouquet of balloons waiting for me on the bed. I was so surprised because I thought I wasn’t getting anything for my birthday and I was like yea I know I’m abroad but I still wanna open something. It was so perfect for the best mom in the world to send me balloons for my birthday in Dublin. The next day we woke up and there as a nice breakfast waiting downstairs and later we took a tour of the city and Dublin isn’t the prettiest place but it sure is a nice place andddd they speak ENGLISH!!! haha It’s not quit the same but hey none the less I understand it. That night we went on a bar crawl and met some very interesting people . We went to a few really cool bars, we tried Irish whiskey with Red lemonade (which apparently is really bad for you), and Irish cider . At one of the bars the group found out it was my birthday and so let the free drinks start coming. Starting with a yager bomb my very first one bought my a lesbian who got everyone else to buy me a drink. One guy was from Australia and he bought me a yager bomb and an Irish Cider. After all the bars we went to a club and I had this like 12 year old Irish boy try to dance with me and kiss me I was like uh huh kiddo you’re like 5 haha The next day Liasor and I went to a cafe and had the best breakfast I’ve had in Europe so far and then to the Dublin Zoo and to the the biggest park in Europe and biggest than Central Park in NYC. It was a super fun day seeing all the cute animals and Liasor even got to play some soccer with a few Irish guys. The next day we walked around some more and Liasor had to leave 😦 That was really sad. Jenna, Kelly and I went on another bar crawl and met some friends from our program in Alicante. It was fun. We went to some different bars. Jenna and I had these guys buy us some drink and I even got danced with haha We went to this club but it wasn’t that cool so we left and went back to the bed and breakfast. The next day we packed up and headed out to buy a few souvenirs (a few presents in there) and then catch our plane back to Alicante. On the plane back some dip shit decided to smoke in the bathroom and they were gonna stop the plane but we were above the Pyrenees mountains so we kept going to Alicante. They knew who did it and he had to confess or have the police called to arrest him. Haha all in all it was one of the best birthdays ever… I got to spend it with my best friend in Europe with my study abroad best friends Jenna and Kelly! What more could a girl ask for?

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Ibiza… Is this a tropical Island or a snow globe?

Erica and I got our backpacks from the bus and went to find a taxi. We get a taxi to the hotel which was out by the airport. It was the sketchiest shit everr because we ended up getting off the highway and driving around in the dark on back roads and over bridges. Erica asked if we were lost because we both were thinking we were about to get abducted. Soon after we arrived at the hotel and it was more than it should have been but we were happy to get the hell outta there! En nuestro hotel the screen said Bienvenido Senorita Pellerin… HOW COOL! After all those hostels this was like a 5 star hotel. Erica and I did about 300 crunches in the hotel room that night for fun. The next morning we didn’t have to wake up early so we got up and went to breakfast which was pretty good. And off to Ibiza we went. It wasn’t a long plane ride and as we were flying over the island I got to see how beautiful it is. We arrive and find the only hostel open on the island in this one town. We walked around and went down to the beach and talked while exploring that side of the island. It is so pretty.
We went back to the hostel and they gave us a free glass of Sangria. We also met the most interesting people. There were two Indian guys who were super nice but it was funny because they had a British accent from living there. We also met an American who was just traveling through Europe to party. Like I understand wanting to have a good time and stuff but coming to Europe just looking for the biggest parties is kind of stupid. There’s so much more here than parties and since he was like 28 there’s really no reason to come to Europe just to party. ANDDD on top of that he told us he used to be in the army and that he doesn’t work. He’s living off a pension and unemployment. Bitch please, you don’t come to Europe on the governments dime to party the shit out of yourself. Like what kind of a person are you? Anywayyy that night there was a Flower Power festival in the next town. We got a taxi out there and it was a lot bigger than I thought. There were carnival rides, lots of places to get food, vendors of clothes and jewelry.  We had been drinking Red Bull and then I got some Cotton Candy NO WAYYY #cantbelieveit There was also a concert of the “Smoking Stones” a cover band or tribute band to the Rolling Stones. It was a great night of dancing, drinking and eating kebab which is just amazing… like I didn’t realize how much I love kebab. I’m going to miss that when I go back to the states.

That night we stayed at the festival until 2 or 3 am having a blast. We took a taxi back and he talked to us the whole way back about Ibiza and the economy. And it was pretty dark out so you could see all the stars and the brightest of them all was Sirius and it was beautiful. The next day we made our way to the other side of the island and went to the beach. We passed a Mexican restaurant and couldn’t resist. We got some Margaritas and some chicken nachos that were amazing… Best mexican food so far! So now we are on the beach and it was like a tropical island. Just perfect. It almost felt like one of those snow globes where everything is perfect and we just had the perfect day. I went down to the water and it was freeeezing but I collect some shells for my collection… Connecticut, Florida, Morocco/Africa, Spain and Ibiza. After a few hours we walked around the promenade with it’s beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea. We chilled at the hostel that night being Sunday and all and the next day hopped on a plane back to Valencia. We were going to stay for the burning of the Fallas but we didn’t and back to Alicante we went. It was a perfect weekend away!

I found this cool website from some friends here in Spain that I study abroad with and it’s really funny because it’s so trueeee so enjoy!

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Valencia y Las Fallas

In Valencia on the 19th of March there is a huge festival. They build “Fallas” which are like caricatures of puede ser anything and are extremely big creations made of paper mache. They are all over the city and they are amazing to see. So with CIEE we went to Valencia for the day of March 16th and got to see all the “Fallas” and it was hectic. There were so many people and you just couldn’t walk. At 2pm there is a big show and everyone tries to cram into this one plaza. We made it pretty close. There were fireworks and lots of smoke. The fireworks were extremely loud, so loud that the ground was shaking and they were going off from the middle of the plaza. There was also a parade of women and children in traditional costumes. We walked around some more and ended up at my favorite place-STARBUCKS!!! Man I love coffee! and right next to starbucks is the cupcake shop we went to last time we were there. I had 2 mini cupcakes and then I bought some more banana milk! yumm seriously so good! SO they don’t burn the “Fallas” until midnight on the 19th of March… we didn’t get to see them but I did see them on the news the next day. So since we were in Valencia Erica and I decided to use that to get cheap flights to IBIZA!

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Granada-Where my best friend is!!!!

 Sooo this was sometime ago but I went to Granada with my program CIEE. I was super excited to see my best friend in the world Liasor Dima who is studying there! I was so excited that I barely slept the night before, but I slept the entire 5 hr bus ride. When we arrived I got to see Liasor aka BFF and he was walking to meet me at the hotel. I ran up to him and gave him a huge hug. I was so nice to see him because I came to Spain in August and school had ended at the beginning of May. So I had’t seen him much since last May. So for a year now I’ve barely seeen my best friend and it’s awful. After seeing him I realized why we are best friends and that I miss him. So after meeting up, he met my friends Jenna, Kelly, and Erica and we went to get some tapas for lunch. At 3:30 he went to see the Alhmabra with his group. The Alhambra is the most famous place in Granada and is one of many royal palaces in Spain but is really breath taking and unique. It has Muslim influence and an extensive garden on top of a hill. At 4pm we had a tour of the city and it’s famous historic parts. After we both were done with our tours we met up again. I took a taxi to where he was living and for the life of me I couldn’t remember the street name.. it was Mendez Nunez but I did have the Calle Rhonda down. So I arrived and met his roommate and saw where he lived and we went to dinner. It was a Friday in Lent so I couldn’t eat meat and in Spain that’s the worst thing eeverrr especially when you don’t really like fish. So I ordered what I thought would be a fish fry haha nopeeeee it was literally fried fish of all sorts from fish to squid to sardines to I’m not really sure what. Needless to say I didn’t really eat that and never actually ate dinner. We went to a bar for a little while to meet up with my friends and his friends and then to a club. This club was kinda far away from the city center so we had to taxi it up there. It was a really cool place though. It was across from the Alhambra and there were caves in the bottom and tunnels with colored lights and music of all types. One part had Spanish music and the other part had today biggest hits music. There was a huge patio outside that was really nice when it got too hot inside. It was a good time. The weirdest thing everr happened… there was a male stripper in the club and apparently it was a new thing for this club and it got a little crazy. Soooo we left. But it had amazing views of the Alhambra at night. The next day at breakfast I was starving and ate soo much.  We went off to the Alhambra for our tour and BFF got to sleep in. It was amazing and there is something called “El Mirador” that was like a lookout over the city and it was such a beautiful view butttt we had to walk down the big hill and it sucked. It was cobble stone streets but I got to meet up with BFF again and have lunch at BK. We walked around and he showed me a park and we bought matching Espana bracelets. And even though I got little sleep, it was a great 2 days and I am so happy I got to see my best friend and can’t wait for Senior year! 

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