Dublin and my 21sttttttttttt

Sooo IM 21 NO WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! This will be the story of my 21st birthday that I spent in Spain and Ireland.

So my birthday started on the 24th with Kelly’s 21st Birthday. We went out to a Mexican Restaurant and got some Margaritas.  Afterwards we went out to the barrio and met some friends. I tried Absinthe for the first time and mannnnn was it strong ophhhh We danced all night long and had these huge cups of rum and coke  and we went to a club where we danced some more. Such a good night! Soo fast forward to my birthday. MY BFF Liasor got into Alicante the day before my birthday and I was super excited to see him! So on my birthday I skipped my literature class (oppps) and went to the beach for the morning with my best friend. Then we went up to the University because I had a mid-term that day (boooo) And afterwards we went to my house for lunch with my madre. After lunch we chilled out until we left for our flight to Dublin. We got into Dublin at the end of my birthday but it still counts. I mean who can say they’ve celebrated there birthday in 2 countries on the same day huh? yea no one but ME 😉 So we took a taxi to our bed and breakfast and when we got into our room there was a huge bouquet of balloons waiting for me on the bed. I was so surprised because I thought I wasn’t getting anything for my birthday and I was like yea I know I’m abroad but I still wanna open something. It was so perfect for the best mom in the world to send me balloons for my birthday in Dublin. The next day we woke up and there as a nice breakfast waiting downstairs and later we took a tour of the city and Dublin isn’t the prettiest place but it sure is a nice place andddd they speak ENGLISH!!! haha It’s not quit the same but hey none the less I understand it. That night we went on a bar crawl and met some very interesting people . We went to a few really cool bars, we tried Irish whiskey with Red lemonade (which apparently is really bad for you), and Irish cider . At one of the bars the group found out it was my birthday and so let the free drinks start coming. Starting with a yager bomb my very first one bought my a lesbian who got everyone else to buy me a drink. One guy was from Australia and he bought me a yager bomb and an Irish Cider. After all the bars we went to a club and I had this like 12 year old Irish boy try to dance with me and kiss me I was like uh huh kiddo you’re like 5 haha The next day Liasor and I went to a cafe and had the best breakfast I’ve had in Europe so far and then to the Dublin Zoo and to the the biggest park in Europe and biggest than Central Park in NYC. It was a super fun day seeing all the cute animals and Liasor even got to play some soccer with a few Irish guys. The next day we walked around some more and Liasor had to leave 😦 That was really sad. Jenna, Kelly and I went on another bar crawl and met some friends from our program in Alicante. It was fun. We went to some different bars. Jenna and I had these guys buy us some drink and I even got danced with haha We went to this club but it wasn’t that cool so we left and went back to the bed and breakfast. The next day we packed up and headed out to buy a few souvenirs (a few presents in there) and then catch our plane back to Alicante. On the plane back some dip shit decided to smoke in the bathroom and they were gonna stop the plane but we were above the Pyrenees mountains so we kept going to Alicante. They knew who did it and he had to confess or have the police called to arrest him. Haha all in all it was one of the best birthdays ever… I got to spend it with my best friend in Europe with my study abroad best friends Jenna and Kelly! What more could a girl ask for?

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