Spring Break, The End

We arrived in Zürich around 2pm and walked around, got cafe, and saw some sights. Damn Switzerland is expensive. They use franks there and Kelly could only take out like 50 franks. So we went down to the lake and was like a promenade with trees covering walkways and flowers and music. We stopped to look at the lake and listen to a guy play the violin and he was really good too. So we were sitting there and this lady comes up to us and asks me if she can take my picture for a Swiss newspaper because shes writing about hair and braids coming back. Ummm OF COURSE! haha Sooo she takes some pictures from different angles as I’m sitting in front of this lake. It was SOOO COOL! She was pleased, took my information and said she would email me when the page comes out. Unfortunately, I never received anything 😦 But we ended up meeting some guy like always and asked them to take our picture. We ended up going shopping for chocolate with them. Kelly had to spend about 34$ on Swiss Chocolate to get rid of those darn franks. We got Lindt chocolate and some other amazing Swiss Chocolate.. it was sooo yummy! We saw the most amazing cars here in Zürich and even took some pictures next to them 🙂 We then had to rush back to the train station and one of the guys was nice enough to walk us there and I had to hurry and write out a postcard… every city ya know! We left and arrived in Freiburg once again after 8pm.

We got to Hagen’s and had home made pizza- so good- Than You Hagen! It was real food and he gave us sandwiches for Zürich earlier that day too. He is super nice and a really good host and I’m glad I met him. We slept for a little while and left on the 5am train that we almost missed because we were a little slow that morning. We had to run around to like 5 different entrances because they were all locked!! But we made it and said goodbye to Hagen, who gave us more sandwiches and granola bars.

We took the train all the way to Milan. We were gonna stay for a while but we were BEAT and it was raining so a little look and we continued on our train trip.

So we took this next train to Ventimigla and it was a really cute small Italian town. We walked down to the beach that was rocks but still pretty. It was so quaint and we loved it! We stopped to get a drink and gelato. WELL, we ordered this drink that the place recommends and had no idea what it was and it was NASTY! It smelled bad, it looked bad and it tasted ewww it was like licorish kinda not really I dont know how to explain it. NOTE TO SELF- order what you know! BUTTTT the gelato was AMAZING! BEST I’VE EVER HAD! We got chocolate and cream and we couldn’t get enough! Back on the train and off to Monaco we go!

Monte-Carlo, Monaco: We arrived and it was just gorgeous and the train we were on followed the coast so just amazing. Although it is very mountainous, either straight up or straight down. We made it down to the ocean finally and found a boat show haha boat? yea right more like private yachts or cruise ship show. They were HUGE and had jacuzzi’s  and pools and one even had a helicopter on it- no way right? no FOR REALZ! I know I know crazy! We walked around and went in a cool tunnel under the road that was ll mirrors and then along the water you could see the coastline around Monaco. We saw some sweet cars and it really is pretty there. We saw the sickest old Ford Mustang! We made our way back and found these stairs that looked like a shortcut. YEA RIGHT! We had buns of steal after that holy cow… the stairs were never ending and we couldnt get out only up! What is it with us and hiking mountains? I dont know but we were getting tired and we started     “ok.. almost there…. WTF does this end?… I think I see the top!…. This is never gonna end… I cant breath…  I have shin splints… there on the front and the side and the back and my butt…. I cant go on, you go on…  OMG… this is so sketch…. we’re gonna die on these stairs…  we’re almost there…  k-e-e-p  g-o-i-n-g…I see the top.. oh no ok my bad… keep going… WE DID IT BOOYA BABY!” Seriously this was about 40 mins of hiking these damn stairs it just went up and up and more up and steep. We finally found someone and I had to use the little French I know and found out we had to go down 😦 soo we decided to wait for the bus because that was wack and ridiculous. It took about 15 mins down hill before we got to the train station. The train was going to be 20 minutes so we grabbed a rum and coke and chugged it.. off to Nice.

We made it finally to Nice. Unfortunately, we got off at the wrong stop and found a tram and had to go hostel searching cuzz we didnt get one ahead of time. oopps. It was 8pm and we finally found a hostel THANK GOD and we shared it with this older lady from Japan who was traveling Europe for a few months by herself. wow. The room smelt like… idk … cant even describe that…. the closest thing would be puke that had been sitting around for days and someone had clogged the toilet ewww omg you should be glad you werent there. ANYWAY we opened the window real quick and went to find some food. That turned out to be hard but we finally found this Japanese place that was going to be closing soon. We had SUSHI and barbacue where you put the thinly sliced meat on a little grill thing- it was amazing and we ATE IT ALL! OMG #sogood #bestmealofthetrip We were so full and so satisfied that when we got back to that gosh darn awful room we passed out. We got up and had breakfast and went to explore. It’s really pretty on the French Riviera. We were down on the beach which was pretty rocky but had great views. We almost got RUN OVER by a construction truck… talk about rude-not cool bro not cool- it was some scary stuff!  We then had mini heart attacks as we realized that we didn’t check into our flight or print our tickets.  :O (thats the oh sh** face) It was going to cost so much money to print it out when we got to the airport or get another flight out that we decided to use our train pass and train it down to Barcelona after training it down from Freiburg. So we hoped on a train in the direction of Barcelona and decided to be spontaneous and given that this trip was all over the place with spontaneity and indecisiveness why not?!?! So we head to Montpellier and have no idea if we are going to stay or pass through. We met some very nice French people on the train and I used my limited French yet again! And I even understood quite a bit 🙂

We kept going all the down to Barcelona passing through all the little towns and beautiful countryside. We met a nice French guy living in Brazil who gave us some sandwiches and I wasnt feeling well by then it was delicious… the guy was a chef! We met another French guy who was about 25 and we talked for a while but turns out he was 35 WHAT?!? oppps… Anyway we also met an Italian who was going to a job in Barcelona and he too was a chef! he didnt really speak English and definitely not Spanish soooo he spoke Italian and we spoke Spanish and it worked pretty good!

By the time we arrived in Barcelona it has been like 20 hours on trains and all we want to do is sleep till forever. It was that sketchy hostel we stayed at last time and it was still sketchy but we got in and met a guy who does Spanish voice overs- NO WAY- and it was cool. Then we passed out. When we got up we decided we wanted to leave Barcelona and go home to Alicante cuz we were WORN THE EFFF OUT! Wellllllllll, that turned out to be a bust since we couldnt change our tickets or use our interrail passes 😦 AHHHH We saw some of Barcelona, did a little shopping, and that was the extent to the exploring. We were just worn out and we saw the least of Barcelona but were there for the most days! We did go to the mercado in Barcelona and had some awesome smoothies and saw meat and fish and eggs and veggies. I did get to see the BARCA stadium and even bought a jersey with Alexis on the back, since that is one of the players 🙂 I also got his purse that is really cool. We also went to see some Gaudi architecture SOO by now I look like a homeless bum no joke… I need a hot shower or 2 and sleep on a real bed and my hair… dont even assk. FINALLY, on our way home! It was amazing to be back and I was never so happy in my life, like for real. ALICANTE ❤ SPAIN ❤ HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS

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